Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation
Agenda of the CONSALD Meeting
Conference on South Asia
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
Thursday, 10 October 2002 - 2-6 P.M.
362 Conference Room Memorial Library

  1. Review and Approval of April 2002 meeting minutes (10 minutes, Tim).

  2. Round-Robin (30 min)

  3. Treasurer's report (5 minutes, Mary Rader)

  4. SAMP update (15 minutes. Mary Rader)

  5. Center for South Asia Libraries (15 minutes, David Magier)

  6. Digital South Asia Library / Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (15 minutes, Jerry Hall) - tentative

  7. Center for Research Libraries (15 minutes, James Simon)

  8. Brainstorm potential funding sources for endangered SA Libraries (20 minutes, Andrea Singer)

  9. How to map the strengths and weaknesses of our South Asia collections (20 minutes, Monica Ghosh) - tentative

  10. BREAK (15 minutes)

  11. LC (60 min): Jim Armstrong from Islamabad and James Gentner will discuss LC and CAP issues and take questions.

  12. Adjournment and Executive Committee meeting

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Dinner at 7 p.m. at Madison Masala & Sheesha Lounge (227 State St., 608-287-1599)
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