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List No. 7. Manohar Books Books (India)
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Ahmad, Suhail: Women in Profession; A Comparative Study of Hindu and Muslim Women. Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies, 1997, 118p., Rs. 120

Alam, Muzaffar: The Crisis of Empire in Mughal North India; Awadh and the Punjab 1707-48. Delhi: OUP, 1997 (Rep.), 365p., Rs. 185 (pb), ISBN 0-19-563000-9

Ali, M. Athar: The Mughal Nobility under Aurangzeb. Delhi: OUP, 1997 (2nd rev. edn.), 294p., Rs. 475, ISBN 0-19-563976-6

Arora, Udai Prakash: Greeks on India; Skylax to Aristoteles. Bareilly: Indian Society for Greek and Roman Studies, 1996, 226p., Rs. 450, ISBN 81-900698-0-2

Baak, Paul Erik: Plantation, Production and Political Power; Plantation Development in South-West India in a Long-Term Historical Perspective, 1743-1963. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 370p., Rs. 495, ISBN 0-19-564103-5

Basu, Sreelekha: Bengali Patriotic Songs and Brahmo Samaj; A Pilot Documentation. Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Sterling Publishers, Rs. 250, ISBN 81-207-1745-7

Bhalla, G.S. & Gurmail Singh: Impact of GATT on Punjab Agriculture; Institute for Development and Communication Monograph Series - II. Delhi: Ajanta, 1996, 154p., Rs. 140

Bhambhri, C.P: The Indian State Fifty Years. Delhi: Shipra, 1997, 280p., Rs. 395, ISBN 81-85402-89-2

Bilimoria, P & J.N. Mohanty: Relativism, Suffering and Beyond; Essays in Memory of Bimal K. Matilal. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 381p., Rs. 545, ISBN 0-19-563858-1

Blackburn, Stuart: Rama Stories and Shadow Puppets; Kampan's Ramayana in Performance. Delhi: OUP, 1996, 291p., Rs. 495, ISBN 0-19-564096-9

Cabral ESA Mario: Wind of Fire; The Music and Musicians of Goa. Delhi: Promilla, 1997, 373p., Rs. 595, ISBN 81-85002-19-3

Chakravarty, Uma: Indra and other Vedic Deities; A Euhemeristic Study (Contemporary Researches in Hindu Philosophy & Religion, No.8). Delhi: DK Printworld, 1997, 232p., Rs.300, ISBN 81-246-0080-5

Chandra, Lokesh: Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas. Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, 1996, 437p., Rs. 1500, ISBN 81- 86471-08-1

Chandra, Rai Govind: Indian Symbolism; Symbols as Sources of Our Customs and Beliefs. Delhi: MRML, 1996, 152p., Rs. 600, ISBN 81-215-0081-8

Chandra, Satish: Medieval India; From Sultanat to the Mughals. Part One: Delhi Sultanat (1206-1526). Delhi: Har-Anand, Rs. 495, ISBN 81-241-0522-7

Chatterjee, Partha: The Present History of West Bengal; Essays in Political Criticism. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 223p., Rs. 375, ISBN 0-19-563945-6

Chattopadhyaya, Brajadulal: The Making of Early Medieval India. Delhi: OUP, 1997 (Rep.), 270p., Rs. 175 (pb), ISBN 0-19-564076-4

Cooey, Paula M., William R. Eakin & Jay B. McDaniel (eds): After Patriarchy; Feminist Transformations of the World Religions (Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series No. 202). Delhi: Satguru, 1996, 169p., Rs. 225, ISBN 81-7030-508-X

Devi, Gauri: Hindu Deities in Thai Art. Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, 1996, 184p., Rs. 750, ISBN 81-86471-10-3

Fernandes, Walter: The Emerging Dalit Identity; The Re-Assertion of the Subalterns. Delhi: Indian Social Institute, 1996, 280p. Rs. 300

Ghoshal, Baladas (ed): Diplomacy and Domestic Politics in South Asia. Delhi: Konark, 1996, Rs.350, ISBN 81-220-0452-0

Goswamy, B.N. & Eberhard Fischer: Pahari Masters; Court Painters of Northern India. Delhi: OUP, 1997,391p., Rs. 1500, ISBN 0-19-564014-4

Grover, Verinder (ed): Political System and Constitution of India;
Vol. 1: Indian Political System and Constitution-Making. 1997, 800p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 81-7100- 874-7
Vol. 2: The Constitution of India. 1997, 678p., Rs. 980, ISBN 81-7100-875-5
Vol. 3: Political Process, Government Structure and Administration. 1997, 822p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 81-7100-876-3
Vol. 4: Federal System, Centre-State Relations and State Autonomy. 1997, 717p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 81-7100-877-1
Vol. 5: Political Parties and Party System. 1997, 873p., Rs. 1100, ISBN 81- 7100-878-X
Vol. 6: Electoral System Behaviour and Elections. 1997, 895p., Rs. 1220, ISBN 81-7100-879-8
Vol. 7: Foundations of Political System and Sociological Aspects. 1997, 842p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 81-7100-880-1
Vol. 8: Pressure Groups and Politics of Influence. 1997, 677p., Rs. 900, ISBN 81-7100-881-X
Vol. 9: Political Process and Role of Courts. 1997, 744p., Rs. 1050, ISBN 81- 7100-882-8
Vol.. 10: Indian Political System Trends and Challenges. Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1997, 816p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 81-7100-883-6

Gupta, Chitrarekha: The Kayasthas; A Study in the Formation and Early History of a Caste. Calcutta: K P Bagchi, 1996, 182p., Rs. 250, ISBN 81-7074-156-4

Gupta, S.P: Mid-Year of the Indian Economy, 1996-97. Delhi: Konark and India International Centre, 1997, 248p., Rs. 250, ISBN 81-220-0470-9

Institute of Kashmir Studies: Carnage in Kashmir. Srinagar. 1996, 72p., Rs. 100

Institute of Kashmir Studies: Political Crackdown in Kashmir. Srinagar, 1996, 91p., Rs. 150

Jain, Jyotindra: Ganga Devi Tradition and Expression in Mithila Painting. Ahmedabad: Mapin, 1997, 135p., Rs. 1100 ISBN 0-944142-33-8

Jha, V.N: Jaina Logic and Epistemology (Sri Garib Das Oriental Series No. 209). Delhi: Satguru, 1997, 179p., Rs. 300, ISBN 81-7030-518-7

Kashyap, Subash C: Coalition Government and Politics in India. Delhi: Uppal, 1997, 146p., Rs. 225, ISBN 81-85565-75-9

Kashyap, Subhash C: Nation and Polity Under Strain; The Indian Experience. Delhi: Uppal, 1996, 212p., Rs. 350, ISBN 81-85565-74-0

Kim, Inchang: The Future Buddha Maitreya; An Iconological Study (Emerging Perceptions in Buddhist Studies, No. 7). Delhi: DK Printworld, 1997, 385p., Rs. 2100, ISBN 81-246-0082-1

Kostof, Spiro: A History of Architecture; Settings and Rituals. Delhi: OUP, 1995, 792p., Rs. 895, ISBN 0-19-508379-2

Macdonald, A.W: Mandala and Landscape (Emerging Perceptions in Buddhist Studies No. 6). Delhi: DK Printworld, 1997, 460p., Rs. 1600, ISBN 81-246-0060-0

Madan, T.N: Modern Myths, Locked Minds; Secularism and Fundamentalism in India. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 323p., Rs. 475, ISBN 0-19-564072-1

Marshall, D.N: Mughals in India; A Bibliographical Survey. Delhi: MRML and ICHR, 1996, 148p., Rs. 425, ISBN 81-215-0640-9

Maxwell, T.S: The Gods of Asia; Image, Text and Meaning. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 260p., + plates, Rs. 595, ISBN 0-19-563792-5

Mayaram, Shail: Resisting Regimes; Myth, Memory and the Shaping of a Muslim Identity. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 298p., Rs. 475, ISBN 0-19-563955-3

Mendelsohn, Oliver & Upendra Baxi (eds): The Rights of Subordinated Peoples. Delhi: OUP, 1996 (Rep.), 377p., Rs. 150 (pb), ISBN 0-19-563928-6

Mishra, T.N: Impact of Tantra on Religion and Art (Tantra in Contemporary Researches, No. 1). Delhi: DK. Printworld, 1997, 184p., Rs.400, ISBN 81-246-0073- 2

Munshi, K.G: Socio-Economic Profile of Indian Muslims; A Case Study of Delhi. Delhi: The Institute of Objective Studies, 1996, 228p., Rs. 200, ISBN 81-85220-25- 5

Nagrajan, V: Foundations of Hindu Economic State. Nagpur: Dattsons, 1997, 378p., Rs. 550, ISBN 81-7192-029-2

Narasimhan, Chakravarthi V: The Mahabharata; An English Version Based on Selected Verses. Delhi: OUP, 1995, 254p., Rs. 175, ISBN 0-19-563929-4

Narayanan, V.N: Tryst with Terror; Punjab's Turbulent Decade. Delhi: Ajanta, 1996, 223p., Rs. 95, ISBN 81-202-0470-0

Onishi, Yoshinori: Feminine Multiplicity; A Study of Groups of Multiple Goddesses in India (Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series No. 207). Delhi: Satguru, 1997, 166p., Rs. 250, ISBN 81-7030-513-6

Pande, Mrinal: Devi; Tales of the Goddess in Our Time. Delhi: Penguin, 1996, 184p., Rs. 150, ISBN 0-14-026549-X

Pant, G.N: Horse & Elephant Armour. Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan, 1997, 279p., + plates, Rs. 2500, ISBN 81-7320-006-8

Patnaik, Priyadarshi: Rasa in Aesthetics; An Application of Rase Theory to Modern Western Literature. Delhi: DK Printworld, 1997, 280p., Rs. 375, ISBN 81-246-0081- 3

Phukon, Girin & N.L. Dutta: Politics of Identity and Nation Building in Northeast India. Delhi: South Asian Pub., 1997, 193p., Rs. 250, ISBN 81-7003-210-5

Rosen, Stephen Peter: Societies and Military Power; India and its Armies. Delhi: OUP, 1996, 280p., Rs. 495, ISBN 0-19-564083-7

Samanta, D.K: Sacred Complex of Ujjain (Reconstructing Indian History and Culture No. 13). Delhi: DK Printworld, 1997, 215p., Rs. 325, ISBN 81-246-0078-3

Shabbir, Mohammad: B. R. Ambedkar; Study in Law and Society. Jaipur: Rawat, 1997, 399p., Rs. 600, ISBN 81-7033-338-6

Shankar, Ann. & Jenny Housego: Bridal Durries of India. Mapin: Ahmedabad, 1997, 196p., Rs. 1150, ISBN 0-944142-79-6

Sharma, Gautam: Nationalisation of the Indian Army 1885-1947. Delhi: Allied, 1996, 259p., Rs. 275, ISBN 81-7023-555-3

Siddiqi, M.M; A Preliminary Report of Incidence of Divorce among Indian Muslims. Delhi: The Institutte of Objective Studies, 1996, 348p., Rs. 400, ISBN 81-85220-29- 8

Sivaya, Satguru & Subramuniyaswami: Dancing with Siva; Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism. Delhi: MRML, 1996, 1008p., Rs.600, ISBN 81-215-- 0751-0

Smith, R. Morton: Kings and Coins in India; Greek and Saka Self-Advertisment. Delhi: Harman, 1997, 154p., Rs. 440, ISBN 81-86622-16-0

Subramanian, S: Human Rights; International Challenges. 2 Vols. Delhi: Manas, 1997, 774p., Rs. 2200, ISBN 81-7049-068-5

Thapar, Romila: Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas. Revised Edition with New Afterword, Bibliography and Index. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 344p., Rs. 395, ISBN 0-19- 563932-4

Verma, Rajendra: Vedic Cosmology; Creation Ideas in the Ancient Vedic Religion; A Hermeneutic Study. Delhi: New Age, 1996, 233p., Rs. 600, ISBN 81-224-0779-X

Vidal, Denis: Violence and Truth; A Rajasthani Kingdom Confronts Colonial Authority. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 244p., Rs. 450, ISBN 0-19-564105-1

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