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Aggarwal, Anil (ed): Homicide by Pesticides; What Pollution does to our Bodies. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 1997, 128p., Rs. 75 (PB)

Aggarwal, Anil and Sunita Narain (ed): Dying Wisdom; Rise, Fall and Potential of India's Traditional Water Harvesting Systems: A Citizens' Report. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 1997, 404p., Rs. 290 (PB), Rs. 490 (HB)

Alagh, Y.K, Mahesh Pathak and D.T. Buch: Narmada and Environment; An Assessment. Delhi: Har-Anand, 1995, 356p., Rs. 695

Alagh, Y.K. and Others: Economic Dimensions of the Sardar Sarovar Project. Delhi: Har-Anand, 1995, 214p., Rs. 250

Allan, Nigel J.R (ed): Mountains At Risk; Current Issues in Environmental Studies. Delhi: Manohar, 1995, 316p., Rs. 450

Arnold, David & Ramachandra Guha (eds): Nature, Culture, Imperialism; Essays on the Environmental History of South Asia. Delhi: OUP, 1995, 375p., Rs. 495

Baviskar, Amita: In the Belly of the River; Tribal Conflicts over Development in the Narmada Valley. Delhi: OUP, 1995, 300p., Rs. 475

Chandhoke, S.K: Habitation and Environment; Interactions, Interrelations and Adjustments. Delhi: Har-Anand, 1994, 252p., Rs. 295

Chowdhury, S.K: Environment Legislation in India; Related Global issues with emphasis on Mining. Delhi: OX-IBH, Rs. 395

Crow, Ben with Alan Lindquist and David Wilson: Sharing the Ganges; The Politics and Technology of River Development. Delhi: Sage, 1995, 272p., Rs. 225

Diwan, Paras: Environment Administration, Law and Judicial Attitude. 2 Vols, (Sec. Rev and Enlarged Edn.). Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1997, 2500p., Rs.4200 (set)

Dreze, Jean, Meera Samson and Satyajit Singh: The Dam and the Nation: Displacement and Resettlement in the Narmada Valley. Delhi: OUP, 1997, 339p., Rs 495

Gadgil, Madhav and Ramachandra Guha: Ecology and Equity: The Use and Abuse of Nature in Contemporary India. Delhi: Penguin, 1995, 213p. Rs. 150 (Pap)

Gadgil, Mahadav and Ramachandra, Guha

: This Fissured Land; An Ecological History of India. Delhi:OUP, 1994, Rs.125 (Pap)

Gole, Prakash: Environment and Ornithology in India. Jaipur: Rawat, 1996, 272p., Rs. 400

Govardhan, V: Environmental Impact Assessment of Tehri Dam. Delhi: Ashish, 1993, 400p., Rs. 500

Khan, A.R: Man, Environment and Development in Himachal Pradesh. Delhi: Indus, 1996, 160p., Rs. 250

Kothari, Ashish, Neena Singh & Saloni Suri (eds): People and Protected Areas; Towards Participatory Conservation in India. Delhi: Sage, 1996, 276p., Rs. 350

Krishna, Sumi: Environmental Politics; People's Lives and Development Choices. Delhi: Sage, 1996, 300p., Rs. 350

Mathur, Mahesh: Legal Control of Environmental Pollution; Jurisprudence and Laws Applicable to Environmental Violation and Prevention. Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1996, 416p., Rs. 620

Mehta, Shekhar, Sudipto Mundle, U Sankar: Controlling Pollution; Incentives and Regulations. Delhi: Sage, 1997, 160p., Rs. 250

Mies, Maria & Vandana Shiva; Ecofeminism. Delhi: Kali, 1993, 324p., Rs. 250

Mohan, I: The Environmental Crisis; A Socio-Economic Perspective. Delhi: Mittal, 1997, Rs. 395

Nagore, Arjun Prasad: Biological Diversity and International Env. Law. Delhi: Ashish, 1996, 340p., Rs. 600

Natural Resource Links. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 1992, 378p., Rs. 230

Negi, S.S: Biosphere Reserves in India; Land Use, Biodiversity and Conservation. Delhi: Indus, 1996, 224p., Rs. 300

Pathak, Akhileshwar: Contested Domains; The State, Peasants and Forests in Contemporary India. Delhi: Sage, 1994, 172p., Rs. 110

Poffenberger, Mark & Betsy, McGean (eds): Village Voices, Forest Choices; Joint Forest Management in India. Delhi: OUP, 1996, 350p., Rs. 345

Porwal, M.S: Remote Sensing Analysis of Environmental Resources for Planning and Development. Delhi: Ashish, 1997, 400p., Rs. 600

Rangarajan, Mahesh: Fencing the Forest; Conservation and Ecological Change in India's Central Provinces, 1860-1914. Delhi: OUP, 1996, 232p., Rs. 395

Saxena, N.C. and Vishwa Ballabh (eds): Farm Forestry in South Asia. Delhi: Sage, 1995, 393p., Rs. 450

Sharma, Anju and Anumita Roy Chowdhary: Slow Murder; The Deadly Story of Vechicular Pollution in India. Delhi: CSE, 1996, 148p., Rs. 75 (PB)

Sheth, Pravin: Narmada Project: Politics of Eco-Development. Delhi: Har-Anand, 1994, 198p., Rs. 295

Shiva, Vandana: Minding Our Lives; Women from the South and North Reconnect Ecology and Health. Delhi: Kali, 1993, 164p., Rs.150

Shukla, S.P, N. Sharma & B.C. Sabata: Planet Protection; Biodiversity, Conservation Environmental Education and Degradation and Socio-Economic Development. Delhi: Mittal, 1997, Rs. 495

Singh, R.B: Disasters, Environment and Development. Delhi: OX-IBH, Rs. 1250

Singh, R.B: Sustainable Reconstruction of highland and Headwater Regions. Delhi: OX-IBH, 1995, 681p., Rs. 975

Singh, R.P. M. S. Chari, A.K. Raheja and W. Kraus (eds): Neem and Environment. 2 Vols. Delhi: Oxford & IBH, 1996, 1225p., Rs. 1800.00

Singh, Rajendra: Development and Environment Change in India. Delhi: Ashish, 1996, 410p., Rs. 600

Sinha, M.P: Recent Advances in Ecological Research. Delhi: Ashish,1997, 630p., Rs.1000

Sinha, P.C. & K'Cherry: International Encyclopaedia of Environmental Laws. (15 Vols). Delhi: Anmol, 1996, 3781p., Rs. 10000

Thakur, K: Environment Protection Law and Policy in India. Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1997, 500p., Rs. 750

Thapa, Bhekh B. & Bharat B. Pradhan: Water Resources Development; Nepalese Perspectives. Delhi: Konark, 1994, 264p., Rs. 350

The Price of Forests. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 1992, 360p., Rs. 140

Towards A Green World. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 1992, 204p., Rs. 200 (PB), Rs. 350 (HB)

Venkateswaram, Sandhya: Environment, Development and the Gender Gap. Delhi: Sage, 1995, 235p., Rs. 275 (HB)

Verghese, B. G. and Ramaswamy R. Iyer: Harnessing the Eastern Himalayan Rivers; Regional Co-operation in South Asia. Delhi: Konark, 1993, 300p., Rs. 300

Verghese, B. G: Winning the Future; from Bhakra to Narmada, Tehri, Rajasthan Canal. Delhi: Konark, 1994, 400p., Rs. 350

Verghese, B.G: Converting Water into Wealth; Regional Cooperation in Harnessing the Eastern Himalayan Rivers. Delhi: Konark, 1994, 160p., Rs. 200

Werner, Wolfgang (ed): Aspects of Ecological Problems and Environmental Awareners in South Asia. Delhi: Manohar, 1993, 149p., Rs. 200

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