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Chatterjee, Romola: Courtyards of My Childhood; A Memoir. 1996, 247p. Rs. 150

Gandhi, Nandita: When the Rolling Pins Hit the Streets; Women in the Anti-Price Rise Movement in Maharashtra. 1996, 175p. Rs. 250

Jayawardena, Kumari & Malathi De Alwis (eds): Embodied Violence; Communalising Women's Sexuality in South Asia. 1996, 324p. Rs. 325

Kabeer, Naila: Reversed Realities; Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought. 1996, 300p. Rs. 375

Kapur, Ratna (ed): Feminist Terrains in Legal Domains; Interdisciplinary Essays on Women and Law in India. 1997, 288p. Rs. 300

Nair, Janaki: Women and Law in Colonial India. 1996, 270p. Rs. 300

Paranjape, Makarand (ed): Sarojini Naidu; Selected Letters 1890s to 1940s. 1996, 324p. Rs. 400

Sarkar, Tanika & Urvashi Butalia (eds) : Women and the Hindu Right; A Collection of Essays. 1996, 337p. Rs. 300


Alphons, K.J: Making a Difference. ( Story of an IAS officer) 1996, 305p. Rs. 300

Banerjee, Surabhi: Jyoti Basu; The Authorized Biography. 1997, 333p. Rs. 400 ( CPM leader and Chief Minister of Bengal for the last 20 years)

Bhatia, Gautam: Malaria Dreams and other Visions of Architecture. 1996, 273p. Rs. 295 (pb)

Chandra, Vikram: Love and Longing in Bombay; Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize. ( Five interconnected stories set in contemporary India) 1997, 268p. Rs. 300

Das, Arvind: Changel; The Biography of a Village. 1996, 240p. Rs. 200 (Author's family comes from Changel in Bihar)

Davidson, Robyn: Desert Places. 1996, 320p. Rs. 500 (Experiences of life with nomads in Rajasthan)

Easwaran, Eknath: Meditation; Commonsense Directions for an Uncommon Life. 1996, 224p. Rs. 150

Easwaran, Eknath: The Bhagavad Gita. 1996, 256p. Rs. 200 pb

Easwaran, Eknath: The Upanishads. 1996, 256p. Rs. 200

Eawaran, Eknath: The Dhammapada. 1996, 256p. Rs. 200 Pb

Hashmi, Qamar Azad: The Fifth Flame; The Story of Safdar Hashmi, Translated from the Urdu by Madhu Prasad & Sohail Hashmi. 1997, 307p. Rs. 295 ( Biography of a political activist, playwright, actor and poet)

Jaffrelot, Christophe: The Hindu Nationalist Movement and Indian Politics l925 to the l990s -- Strategies of Identity Building, Implantation and Mobilisation (with special reference to Central India) . 1996, 592p. Rs. 400

Jalan, Bimal: India's Economic Policy; Preparing for the Twenty-First Century. 1996, 217p. Rs. 300

Joly, Edward Le and Jaya Chaliha (Comp): The Joy of Loving; A Guide to Daily Living with Mother Teresa. 1996, 224p. Rs. 395

Jung, Anees: Breaking The Silence; Voices of Women From Around the World. 1997, 187p. Rs. 295

Kakar, Sudhir: The Indian Psyche ( Three books in one vol. Intimate Relations, The Analyst and the Mystic and The Colours of Violence. 1996, 412p. Rs. 400

Karanjia, B.K: Life's Flag in Never Furled; Godrej-- A Hundred Years 1897-1997 (Vol. 1). 1997, 264p. Rs.. 295 ( History of the House of Godrej)

Laxman, R.K: The Best of Laxman (Vol. V). 1996, 256p. Rs. 200 ( India's best known cartoonist)

Manekshaw, Bhicoo J.: Parsi Food and Customs. 1996, 430p. Rs. 200

McCallum, Dawood Ali: The Lords of Alijah; An Epic Novel Set in Nineteenth- Century India. 1997, 471p. Rs. 395

Narayan, R.K: My Days. Illustrarted with line drawings by R.K. Laxman ( Special Commemoration edtion for R.K. Narayan's 90th Birthday) 1996, 256p. Rs. 300

Nayyar, Deepak and Amit Bhaduri: The Intelligent Person's Guide to Liberalization. 1996, 200p. Rs. 150

Nehru, B. K.: Nice Guys Come Second; An Autobiography. 1996, 656p. Rs. 400 (Born into Nehru clan , distinguished civil servant, ambassador and governor)

Pande, Mrinal: Devi; Tales of the Goddess in Our Time. 1996, 218p. Rs. 200

Piramal, Gita: Business Maharajas. ( Dhirubhai Ambani, Rahul Bajaj, Aditya Birla, R.P. Goenka, Brij Mohan Khaitan, Bharat & Vijay Shah and Ratan Tata) 1996, 496p. Rs. 500

Ram, Susan and N. Ram: R. K. Narayan; The Early Years: 1906-1945. 1996, 560p. Rs. 300

Sainath, P: Everybody Loves a Good Drought; Stories from India's Poorest Districts. 1996, 424p. Rs. 200

Sattar, Arshia: The Ramayana Valmiki. 1996, 664p. Rs. 500

Srinivas, M.N.: Caste; Its Twentieth Century Avatar. 1996, 306p. Rs. 300

Svoboda, Robert and Hart de Fouw: Light on Life; An Introduction to the Astrology of India. 1996, 438p. Rs. 200 Tarlo, Emma: Clothing Matters; Dress and Identity in India. 1996, 360p. Rs. 500

Valicha, Kishore: Dadamoni; The Authorized Biography of Ashok Kumar. 1996, 260p. Rs. 300 ( Story of sixty years)


Bridget & Raymond Allchin: The Rise of Civilization in India and Pakistan. 1996, 389p. Rs.295

Chatterji, Joya: Bengal Divided; Hindu Communalism and Partition 1932-1947. 1996. 303p. Rs. 150 (pb)

Flood, Gavin: An Introduction to Hinduism. 1996, 359p. Rs.450

Forbes, Geraldine: Women in Modern India; The New Cambridge History of India. 1996, 289p. Rs. 350

Price, Pamela G.: Kingship and Political Practice in Colonial India. 1996, 230p. Rs. 695

Smith, David: The Dance of Siva; Religion, Art and Poetry in South India. 1996, 312p. Rs. 495


Choudhury, D.P: Trade and Politics in the Himalaya Karakoram Borderlands. 1996, Rs. 225 (British policy towards Indian Frontier)

Ghosh, Amitav: The Calcutta Chromosome; A Novel of Fevers, Delirium and Discovery. 1996, 256p. Rs. 190

Godbole, M.: Unfinished Innings: Recollections and Reflection of a Civil Servant. 1996, 460p. Rs. 400

Holmstrom, L: Silappadikaram and Manimekalai. ( English rendering of Tamil Epics) 1996, Rs. 575

Jannuzi, F.T: India's Persistent Dilemma. 1996, 241p. Rs. 250

Roy, S: Marxism and Beyond; A Political Biography of M. N. Roy. 1996, 208p. Rs. 175

Singh, L.P: Portrait of Lal Bahadur Shastri; A Quintessential Gandhian. 1996, 119p. Rs. 175

Som, R: Differences within Consensus: The Left-Right Divide in the Congress (1929-39). 1996. Rs. 250

Chopra, Vir: Marginal Players in Marginal Assemblies; The Indian MLA. 1996, 387p. Rs. 360

Wijemanne, Adrian: War and Peace in Post-Colonial Ceylon 1948-1991. 1996, 111p. Rs. 180

Ali, Shanti Sadiq: The African Dispersal in the Deccan; From Medieval to Modern Times. 1996, 260p. Rs .275

Lewis, Charles & Karoki Lewis: Delhi's Historic Villages; A Photographic Evocation. 1997, 150p. Rs. 650


Aloysius, G.: Nationalism without a Nation in India. 1997, 265p. Rs 395

Breman, Jan & others (eds): The Village in Asia Revisited. 1997, 450p. Rs. 495

Chatterjee, Partha (ed): State and Politics in India. Themes in Politics Series, Vol 1. 1997, 576p. Rs. 650

Dre'ze, Jean & others (eds) : The Dam & the Nation; Displacement and Resettlement in the Narmada Valley. 1997, 339p. Rs. 495

Flueckiger, Joyce Burkhalter: Gender and Genre in the Folklore of Middle India; Gender Studies Series. ( On Chhatisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh). 1996, 351p. Rs 495

Hasan, Mushirul: Legacy of a Divided Nation; India's Muslims Since Independence. 1997, 383p. Rs. 495

Hockings, Paul (ed): Blue Mountains Revisited; Cultural Studies on the Nilgiri Hills. 1997, 345p. Rs. 575

King, Robert D: Nehru and the Language Politics of India. 1997, 256p. Rs. 325

Nesiah, Devanesan: Discrimination with Reason?; The Policy of Reservations in the United States, India and Malaysia. 1997, 344p. Rs. 495

Rayaprol, Aparna: Negotiating Identities; Women in the Indian Diaspora. 1997, 165p, Rs. 325

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