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Update for 29 January 2000

Economic and Political Weekly

Wooden Ganesh from Orissa

Seminar (India) magazine is coming online at

This site has (or will have) the most-recent three issues, full-text, online; plus the topic for the current issue, maybe with it's Problem statement. The main Seminar page in Jan 2000 had a reference back to the UVa site of details of the 1993-1998 Table of Contents.

A reminder that UVa's Alderman library has a CD-ROM of the 1988-1997 issues' articles (full-text) available at the Information Desk. CD-ROM 1988-1997
The online-site says it will eventually make past issues searchable for author, titles, etc. on the web.

Until that time - For some years now (1993-1998) I have maintained a web page listing the full Table of Contents of all the Seminar issues and their articles, available under the Newspapers/Journals web page

Click on Table of Contents there; and then SEMINAR.

Social Scientist. 3 days ago I added the TOCs for the most recently received (in Alderman) issue of Social Scientist, November-December 1998. Just click on Social Scientist on the same saSerials page above. The lead article is Biswamoy Pati's "Siting the Body: Perspectives on Health and Medicine in Colonial Orissa."

EPW You may also recall that the Economic and Political Weekly's current issues are now available online [Though I cannot access that site at all sometimes]

Ganesh fans might look at

Hindi fans might look at

--Philip McEldowney [29 January 2000]

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Also -
Country Studies Library of Congress: Country Studies.
These studies are chalk full of information, even though somewhat dated. There are also tables of population, etc. and of "Selected Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Full Party Names," sometimes at the beginning, but more often at the end next to Bibliographies and Glossaries. Among the countries India (1995) is listed as New, though one click in, it says "completed in 1995." Others are: Bangladesh (1988), Bhutan (1991), Nepal (1991), Pakistan (1994), and Sri Lanka (1988).
Human Rights Watch World Report 2000 Human Rights Watch World Report 2000.
Including India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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Wooden Ganesh from Orissa

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