Middle East / South Asian Newspapers
Spring 2001
Sources: Foreign Newspapers at UVa || Search Foreign Newspapers a the Center for Research Libraries

Country Title Lag Freqency CRL Held forFund
Egypt: Al Ahram
Al Ahram
Al Ahram Weekly Eng
3-4 wk lagdailyCRL Hold 1 yearAL-APV-ME
Egypt: Egyptian Gazette
Egyptian Gazette
3-4 wk lagdaily CRL Hold 1 yearAL-APV-ME
Egypt: Le Messager 1 mo lagweekly Hold 1 yearAL-APV-ME
Egypt: Al-Wafd 1 mo lagdaily Hold 1 yrAL-APV-ME
India:Times of India
Own web site
3wk lagdaily CRL Hold 1 yrAL-APV-SA
Own web site
3-4 wk lagdaily Hold 1 yrAL-APV-SA
Israel:Jerusalem Post
Lexis full txt
Own Web site
1 wk lag weeklyCRL Hold 1 yrAL-Gen-Ser
Jordan:Akhbar al Esboua 2 mo delayweekly Hold 1 yearAL-APV-ME
Kuwait: Arab Times 3-4wk delaydaily Hold 1 yrAL-APV-ME
Lebanon: Al-Safir
daily Hold 1 year Gift, unknown donor
Al-Alam Al-Islami 2-3 wksweekly Hold 1 year?fund
Arab News
Own Web site
1 wk lagdaily Hold 1 yrGFA-Ser (behind?)

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