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Boston Area InformationBoston Area Information

Read all about Boston history, tours, sites, colleges before the AAS annual meeting in March. Includes Information on hotels, restaurants, maps, public transportation, etc.

Boston Hotel GuideBoston Hotel Guide

Online guide to Boston-area hotels, by location. Browsable by name of hotel.

Directory of Web Search Engines

Search Engine Colossus site contains links to numerous search engines worldwide, Arranged by country name and a few subjects (youth, women, business, e1c.). Not all Asian countries are included.

Asiaweek Online AsiaWeek Online

Site of the weekly news magazine from Hong Kong.

Luso-Asian Forum (FLA)

A private association in Lisbon to promote and develop public initiatives to strengthen understanding between Portugal and Asian nations with which Portugal has historical links, particularly China, Japan, India, and Thailand. Intends to support research projects and plan conferences.

Strategic and International Studies Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, is a public policy research institution that maintains experts "on all the world's major geographic regions, in addition to key function areas." Site contains analysis of international current events and text of its journal, The Washington Quarterly. Has a number of current projects on Asia.

Journal of Asian American Studies Journal of Asian American Studies

Full text of the three 1998 issues can be viewed online by readers at institutions- that subscribe to Project Muse. This is the official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies.

Study Abroad, Asia

Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Links to U.S. academic progams, arranged by country or geographic area, and links to two Asian university programs (Japan, Hong Kong). Links to regional and country resource.

Chinese Southern Diaspora

Site of the Centre for the Study of Chinese Southern Diaspora, at Australian National University. The Centre is intended as a permanent focus for research and teaching on people of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific and their interactions with other societies and cultures in the regions, and offers and interdisciplinary course on the Chinese Southern Diaspora, Lists the Centre's public lectures, workshops, and conferences.

Dictionary Buddhist Terms

A major republication of a dictionary of 4200 East Asian Buddhist terms; has full CJK index and non-diacritical index. Links to Dictionary of East Asian Literary Terms.

Chinese Journal Article Service

From the Digital Document Delivery Center, East Asian Library, Univ. of Pittsburg. The Center provides free delivery of full-text copies of Chinese-language academic journal articles from selected Chinese university (and Univ. of Pittsburgh) libraries to any researcher in the U.S., creating "a global virtual library at Chinese journal collections with great depth and extent for scholars in all academic disciplines."

China Journal
China Journal

A searchable collection of images of the 1979 -1992 (vols. 1-28) of China Journal (formerly The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs), from the Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University.

Shanghai Municipal Police Directory

A directory of British, White Russian, and some Chinese and Japanese members of the Shanghai Municipal Police, mostly for the period 1900-1945. The force was founded in 1854 to police the International Settlement in Shanghai. Includes some 1,700 names with selected personal and professional details (dates of service, place of birth, name of spouse).

Japan Documentation Center

A fully searchable web file with over 100 additions monthly. The JDC collects current public policy material, in Japanese, and also supplies English abstracts and printouts of original texts.

War Crimes Record
War Crimes Record
Some 2 1/2 hours of testimony by Japanese participants in war crimes, "Rape of Nanking," with commentary. View the video or listen in Japanese or English with RealAudio. From the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Japanese Finance & Politics

Research and links to English language resources on Japanese economy, finance, and politics, and to English websites, of more than 500 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. From a unit of the Industrial Bank of Japan.

Chinese Communication Association

On communication and media in China, including print media, television, cinema, radio. Topics include history, public relations, entertainment, language, public opinion. Includes job listings in communications, membership directory, links to universities, online journals. Has bibliography of publications on communication research related to Chinese communities outside of China.

Japan Echo

Current and back issues of this bimonthly English magazine of translations of Japanese essays, interviews, discussions on current topics in Japan; searchable index, links to Japan-related resources; also available online in French and Spanish editions.

Japanese Journals Information Web

This service has two parts: first, Current Awareness provides access to tables of contents of current Japanese journals and newspapers. Second, The Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers gives information on 4,844 titles held by 20 libraries or accessible over the web. Requires Japanese-language software to access most information.

British Association for Korean Studies

The Association promotes Korean Studies in Britain through conference., workshops, and publications. Includes tables of contents of the Association'. journal (Papers), information on its newsletter, links to Korea-related sites.

Vietnam Tourism

A national government site including information on history and culture, travel agents , hotels, restaurants, currency, shopping, vim information.

National University of Laos

Formed in 1995 by the merger of nine institutions of higher learning.

Indonesia Acquisitions List

Lists of now serials and monographs acquired by Jakarta office of the National Library of Australia. Searchable by subject Links to the library's Indonesian collection and to relevant websites (by topics).

Dutch East India Company

A selected bibliography on Nederlandsche Oost-Indische, Compagnie (Dutch East India Company), based National Library of Australia collections.

Singapore Oral Histories Singapore Oral Histories

Audio clips, in Hokkien, from the oral history collection of the National Archives of Singapore Links to National Heritage Board, Singapore History Museum, general collections of the National Archives (pubic records, building plans, photographs, audio-visual materials).

Vietnam News

Online version of the 24-page English-language daily newspaper from Vietnam. Searchable by topics; download Vietnamese fonts.

Indonesian Newspapers, & Magazines

Links to newspapers/magazines published in/about Asia, primarily Indonesia.

Southeast Asian Deltas

On issues relating to the history, natural resource management, rural sociology, economics, etc., of the deltas of the Irrawadi, Chao Phraya, Mekong, and Red Rivers. Includes research project databases, bibliography databases, list of selected publications.

South Asian Search Engine South Asia Net

A directory of links to some three-hundred search engines on a wide variety of subjects and country names as topics.

The International Directory of South Asia Scholars (IDSAS) The International Directory of South Asia Scholars

A directory of South Asian scholars; self-listings and descriptions of research interests and other information.

South Asia University of Washington

New URL, which leads to lists of bibliographies on South Asian topics.

India TodayIndia Today

Full text of articles in this weekly magazine.


Full text of most of the articles in the magazine Frontline.

The Hindu

Access full text of the newspaper The Hindu.

CineBlitz: Cine Blitz
Online version of a film magazine.

Another Indian film magazine.

Online Indexes from the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development Online Indexes from the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development

Access to the Online Indexes of articles from 53 Indian social science journals and clippings from 15 newspapers. The indexes are developed and made available from the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development.

Manushi, on Indian WomenManushi

Selected articles train a journal that "aims to bridge the gap between academic/scholarly writing and popular literature analyzes economic, political, and social issues."

1991 Census of India 1991 Census of India

Selected statistics from the 1991 Census Handbook (Delhi, 1998). Lists of for-sale census publication (on diskettes) by state and series (economic tables, socio-cultural tables, etc.); key population statistics; vit:1 statistics; national and state maps; list of new publications; list of name of census commissioners 1881-1981.

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*See the PRINT copy of this list in the Asian Studies Newsletter, Meeting Issue, V. 44, No. 1, p. 24-25, published by the Association for Asian Studies, Inc. Some links updated or added - Philip McEldowney. February 1999.

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